Brain reader´s hidden designs

img_2480_bwIn the course of embodied research with brainactivity reading technology, particular aesthetic properties emerge whilst altering the topological stance: reducing the 3D typical use of the neurodevice to a flat surface constellation. Departing from that observation, hidden designs are unraveled in the entanglement of human head, neurosignal detecting machine and thin paper in between.
First drawings were transformed into a plaster and three clay-baked masks. They were stained in a 2-day Aronia m.Babe berry-by-berry finger pressing movement, one of three as part of “BerryBabe” performative happening at Pixelache festival 2016.

This work is fused by Aronia m. Babe comment on tendencies in human Neuroscience that aim to explain aesthetic experience by looking at brain functioning.

img_2462-copy                   img_2464

Pictures on FLICKR

BerryBaBe 1- Drawing by Bartaku.png

Idea & energy:
Aronia m. Baroa Belaobara & Bartaku

A co-creation process in collaboration with:
* Biosignaling course: Mäki-Reinikka Kasperi, Gabriela Vranou, Marloes Van Son (facilitators) and the participants of. Aalto University, School of Arts, May 2016;
* Serde arts center residency (as part of Maris Grosbahs, Laurie Sheridan (US), Ugis Pucens;
* Pixelache Festival 2016: Kira O´Reilly (course leader) and students of MA Ecology and Contemporary Performance at the Theatre Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki (Jussi Salminen, Johannes Birlinger, Shelly Etkin, Ida Larsen, Christiana Bisset, Anniina Ala-Ruona); Katarzyna Sztarbała; various festival visitors/participants whose names remained hidden or dissipated in the process.

Special thanks to: Petri Ruika and crew of Pixelache festival 2016; Riitta Hari (Prof. (emer.); Mirko Nicolic, Wojtek Mejor, Serde Arts Center,

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