zNap – A Nap Happening

zNap – A Nap Happening

April 25-27, 2018 – Aalto University, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland

In zNap happening people on Conference of Radical Relevances were invited for a nap between  noon and 4pm.  A nap scenery including a zNap protocol : nano-, micro-, mini-, caffeïne-, Dali (tea spoon)-, extended-, lucid dream-, pata-… Nap was installed in Betaspace. A nap is form of polyphasic sleep: during the nap state, the mind is“fluid and hyper-associative”, giving rise to images that can express layers of memories and sensations. After nap people could document the coming-out-of-nap via nap-drawings or  words descriptions.

This experimental intervention is inspired by the interest in unconsciousness processes: whats going on in the brain while we sleep, why naps are so powerful, howsleep improves our memory but perhaps including things we would rather forget, how we benefit from napping, and how people can train themselves in napping.


Article by participant Rob la Frenais about the conference

By Anne Glassner, re-posted from The In Between Collective site