Troping Turner

Troping Turner. Towards Prpl. Vlvt. Installation, mixed media

Part of group Exhibition: “Sustainability Revolutions. Dipoli, Aalto University, Otaniemi Campus, Espoo – May 18 – June 8, 2018

Troping Turner. Towards Prpl. Vlvt. is an installation that consists of a glass display cabinet, filled with local soil and a monitor in a dark rectangular space. The cabinet contains stacked natural dye colored solar cells that are mounted on top of a LED light box and filtered by the UV version of a JMW Turner painting: “Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth”. The graphic glass solar cells are framed by a fungi and this piece was topped of with a a drop of Aronia m. Babe ink. The 15inch monitor shows a photo of a fox head, found at the Aronia m. Babe plantation.

This work evolved during ongoing artistic research “Prpl Vlvt” that investigates the transmitting of the historical, energetic relationality between a berryapple and a “classic painting” from a human “art master”.

The core of the research focusses on the creation of pigments from Aronia m. Babe and its microbial symbionts that can generate electrical energy in a solar panel design, mimicking a JMW Turner painting.

Sustainability Revolutions Exhibition” is curated by Sustainability Hub with Dr. Riikka Mäkikoskela (visual artist) and Dr. Taneli Tuovinen (Lecturer, Department of Art, Aalto ARTS).

IMG_1854 copyDetail of installation > part of fungal frame and lit up dormant natural dye sensitized solar cells. May 18, 2018

Stacked, glass dye sensitized solar cells from Bartaku archives: 20cmx20cmx11cm (WxLxH)
LED panel
Fungal frame: 5>11 cm varying width around the top of the solar cell stack
Glass display cabinet (120x80x150; WxDxH)
A drop of Aronia m. Babe ink
15” Monitor with digital photograph (2190 × 1765 pxls)
Space dimension, Black Box: 5x2m

By Bartaku; May 2018
In collaboration with: Janne Halme: School of Science, Department of Applied Physics; Paulo Pinho: School of Electrical Engineering; Merja Penttilä – School  of Chemical Engineering, Pyry Mäkinen: School of Science at Aalto University. Fungal frame provided by Manuel Arias Barrentes (Department of Design, Aalto University) and Geza Szilvay (VTT)
* Special thanks to Dr Joyce H Townsend. Tate Conservation Department, Tate Britain.

IMG_0767_2200Detail of installation > fox head, Aronia m. Babe plantation, Aizpute (Lat). Digital photograph (2190 × 1765 pxls), May 16, 2018.