Aroniathon I at Objekti 4

Aroniathon I photo series intervention as part of Group Exhibition OBJEKTI 4.
Espoonportti, Espoo – June 14 – Sept. 2, 2018

For the first time the Aroniathon I series is shown in its entirety at the fourth edition of OBJEKTI. An outdoor exhibition of contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art in and around the center of the town of Espoo (Fin).

The setting for Aroniathon I is the stoney, asfalty, windy environment of a road and pedestrian/bike zone that passes under the rail tracks of Espoo train station. The work consists of two parts. Aligning the road, 41 posters of 160cm x 120cm are hung against a granite wall according to a particular aronia mathematical ratio. Secondly, in the pedestrian zone, a poster is mounted containing the 23 photos of the Aronia plantation marathon runner, taken with imperfect Smema camera.

Read here about the Aroniathons
Objekti info and artwork locations here


Top view, June 16, 2018


Partial view: Ricoh GRIII photo posters, #1 to #42
Across the pedestrian / cyclist / train platform exit zone
Photo: June 16, 2018


Partial view: Smema, 23 photos on poster
Pedestrian / cyclist / train platform exit zone
Photo: June 16, 2018


View from train platform exit
Live Photo: June 25, 2018

IMG_1889_2200 web.jpg

June 13, 2018

aroniathon story_composed.jpg

Recup ripped of poster, used during walktalk with InSEA Conference participants
Otaniemian Aronia m. Babe Plantation, Espoo
Photo: June 20, 2018 – By Annie Davey (composed by Bartaku)




Site status Aug. 1st, 2018 > 17 posters remaining


Poster hanging: Hanna Ruuskanen; Nova Pokkinen; Noomi Ljungdell; Zuzanna Buchowska; Antton Nuotio and Christina Stadlbauer.
Posters Printed at Printon, Tallinn
Aroniathon I photos by Bartaku. Model: Dzucks

Special thanks to
Andy Best (curator), Liliane Vandeput (architect), Maria Nurmela, Christina Stadlbauer and Kaja Viilukas (Printon)

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