Gift to the Belgian Prime Minister

Gift Intervention
Design Factory, Otaniemi, Espoo
Feb. 24 –2019

During a gathering of Prime ministers from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe on preventing climate change. The interventionist gift consisted of an inefficient solar cell in two of the three colors of the Belgian flag (photo bottom left), and a sketch of the Belgian territory transformed into a berryapple plantation.  With congratulations to the P.M. of having become a BelgAronian Plantation P.M.

Gift 1: Belgian tricolore flag and Baroa-fruit and leaf-based solar cell transformed into a bi-colored flag due to unexpected fast decay of black

Gift 2: Belgium transformed into a Baroa b. plantation, resource for dye sensitized solar cells

Handing over The Gift to the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, standing next to the pointing person, the Dutch Prime Minister Rutten.

Accompanying letter explaining the gifts.

Bartaku in collaboration with Janne Halme (lecturer) & Pyry Mäkinen (ass.), Department of Applied Physics, School of Science, Aalto University

Photos: 1 & 2: Bartaku; 3:Mikko Raskinen 

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