Letter to the Crocodilian Wheat Grain.

An Invited Gift Contribution  
Platåberget, Spitsbergen (Nor).
June 10, 2019

The gift is a letter from Bartaku_Baroa b. to the wheat grain found in a salt water crocodile. The words are transferred onto a Bone China Porcelain Disk, a left-over from the Leaky Light work in Kaunas (Lit).
The disk is part of a collection of letters from various invited artists. They are part of of a ceremonial burial adjacent to the Svalbard Global Seed Bank,

The initiative comes from The Migrant Ecologies Project: Seeding Stories: A Guide to the Interior of a Salt Water Crocodile. 

The single grain of wheat originates from the interior of a 133 year-dead 4.7m, salt water crocodile shot in 1887 at the mouth of the no-longer-existing Serangoon river in Singapore. It has been and kept for over a century in the Raffles Museum and migrated to the arctic circle where it is ceremonially buried in Platåberget, adjacent to the Svalbard Global Seed Bank on 10th June 2019.

Part of Svalbard Seed Cultures Initiative 2019.

Curator: Lucy Davis, The Migrant Ecologies Project.

Photos: The Migrant Ecologies Project