Leaky Light_3 – Solo Exhibition

Leaky Light solo exhibition by Bartaku at SOLU Space consists of three mixed-media installations featuring sound art, ceramics, symbiont bacteria, as well as video, photo and text documentations.

The works on display shed light on Bartaku’s deepening entanglement with Baroa belaobara. The constellation is part of Bartaku’s ongoing artistic research on light, energy and bodies.

Leaky Light_9_2_Mari Kaakkola_web.jpg

Seed Scarification: Serious Taking_2 – Room 3, SOLU – Photo: Mari Kaakkola

Two works are shown for the first time in Finland. One evolves since its first public momentum at Pixelache 2016.

Leaky Light is inspired by stubborn seed, leaky light, bone rhythm, and hidden hubris. With special thanks to Baroa belaobara.

Leaky Light_3_Mari Kaakkola_web.jpg

Rapchiy (BerryBabe) – Room 2, SOLU – Photo: Mari Kaakkola

” BARTAKU’s solo exhibition at the Solu Gallery in Katajanokka looks somewhat like an ordinary bio art exhibition.
Wild starting points, however, undermine the dominant position of science as the starting point for research into plants and the natural environment.
Being humorous, genre-blending and procedural, Bartaku’s work is somewhat reminiscent of Fluxus principles.” (google translate from Finnish)
– Sini Mononen, Helsingin Sanomat, Sept. 13, 2019 – PDF

Leaky Light detail 
& overview Room 1, 2 – Photos: Mari Kaakkola

Exhibition Credits > see Hand Outs

Finissage with talk by Bartaku
Thursday, September 26 from 19–21h SOLU Space

The talk focusses on Bartaku´s “leaky method” and follows this protocol:

Intro by Erich Berger (Bioart Society)

07:20 Bartaku: recap of exhibition contents

07:30 Joey Baron: Selected fragments Excerpts of video documentation of the drummer playing and talking at Roulette TV. Featuring the artists´ approach to performing, co-creating, play (chance), process, being, time.

07:45 Drumming for Pina Nobilis
Christina Stadlbauer asked Bartaku to add a vibration level to her video footage
Relocation Training Program for Pinna Nobilis

07:50 Bartaku reads excerpts from articles
Meeting Buoy. By Paula Kramer
Seed Scarification: Serious Taking – By Bartaku
In: Birringer, J., Fenger, J. (Eds.), Tanz der Dinge / Things that Dance. Yearbook of the German Dance Association 2019, vo. 29. 219p. Transcript Verlag. Bielefeld, Germany.

08:00 Milford Graves – Full Mantis : Selected fragments
Excerpts from the movie about M. Graves, drummer, herbologist and healer featuring the relation with – and sensing of – nature, cosmos, rhythm, pulse and time.

08:15 Discussion

08:30 Thank you / End