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Exhibition & Masterclass at UPDATE Festival, MPLab, Liepaja University, 21-26 Nov. 2022

Visual complements contribution to the forthcoming book: Chance Encounters: A Bioethics for a Damaged Planet by bioethics Prof. Kristien Hens. Release in Dec. 2022.


Talk: The Extinction of Respiratory Cooling Tower Bodies and their Microbial Ecosystems. At SPLINTERED REALITIES, the 5th RENEWABLE FUTURES Conference and Deep Europe Symposium in the framework of RIXC Art Science Festival 2022, Riga (LV). Oct. 6–8, 2022.

Talk: Intimate Scarification: a bodily mixture of seed, vocal cord, air pipe and plant breath, and Performative experiment: Retinal Group Hum_2: breathing-sounding the retinal code. At the Airy Encounters: Respiratory Philosophy and Sound Arts Symposium. Sibelius Academy and Suomenlinna, Helsinki (FI). June 6-8, 2022.

Performative experiment: Retinal Group Hum_1: breathing-sounding the retinal code at Emergence, Microbes, Governing Bodies Mini Festival, SOLU,  Helsinki, 1-5 June, 2022.  

Essay with respiratory philosopher Petri Berndtson in peer-reviewed journal Research in Arts and Education. Thematic Issue: On Animals, Plants, Bryophytes, Lichen, and Fungi. May 27, 2022.

Blog entry Finnish Avant Garde Network: Maagisia marjoja by Helena Sederholm on Bartaku_Art_Research and F. Campagna´s reality thinking. May 20, 2022.


Doctoral Seminar of the Department of Art, Aalto University, spring 2022.

– Workshop Microbial colours: aesthetic-, solar electric and political energies. Central-St. Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London (hybrid virtual-in situ). In collaboration with New Energies Research Group, Aalto University. May 4, 2022.

Workshop participant: m/other becomings, cultivate intergenerational and multispecies methodologies, make space for the investigation of domestic resistance practices, and probe technologies of reproduction, resilience, and recuperation. By Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology (DK), The Association for Arts and Mental Health (DK), Kultivator (SE)Art Lab Gnesta (SE), and Bioart Society (FI).

Residency at wpZimmer (Antwerp, BE): on microbial life in cooling towers in the context of the Institute for Relocating Biodiversity.

Talk and exhibition Towardless_X. with Janne Halme at X-Festival, University of Hasselt, 19 – 29 October 2021.

Monograph (Ph.D. thesis ): Baroa belaobara:
released on June 11, 2021. The print version – limited edition (< 30 copies left) can be purchased via Aalto bookshop – see also the link to the online PDF version.

The temporary PhotoElectric Digestopians are featured in the Routledge book A History of Solar Power Art and Design, by Ass. Prof. Alex Nathanson, Routledge, NY, London, 2021.

For a mere list of work in/with public: see the overview here.