Bartaku Artistic Research

Inspired by systems thinking and fused by quest, Bartaku´s work evolves through interventions, installations, residencies, talks and labs, many in collaboration with artists, scientists and other co-creating audiences. Often the work’s direction emerges ‘underway’, with layers that might refer to science, philosophy, consciousness/cognition (humans/plants) and anthropocentrism. He has participated in many international frameworks and worked in many countries (continents) and diverse contexts. Many works can be seen as evolving strands, often with longer term collaborations.

Most acclaimed are the “temporary PhotoElectric Digestopians (tPED) Labs“: since 2010 an ongoing series of internationally acclaimed public labs where people experiment with the entanglement of the energy of light, food, body. This series of public co-creation labs can be viewed in many ways, questioning science, utility paradigms in art, science, society and mankind’s relation with energy.  The 14 tPED Labs mostly took place in Northern Europe with partners like Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design (Arts Univ. London) and the artscience interfaculty of the ‘Royal Conservatory The Hague’.

Since 2009 the main ingredient of the tPEDs is the Aronia Melanocarpa (chokeberry). The epicenter of inspiration is the “1 Ha Aronia Power Plantation (1HAMP)” a former Kolkhoz at the edge of Latvian town of Aizpute. The research manifests itself f.i. via photographic documentation of fake marathons ( Aroniathon I – II (2009-2011) and the ‘musical/performance’ Aronia Overture (2014) – the essence of Aronia in 11 movements (with composer Ruta Vitkauskaite and sound artist K.H. Jeron).

Since 2011 Bartaku works with artists and scientist on ‘voicing cognition’ of the Agave plant using glass in Oaxaca (Nube de Oro) and ethylene (banana) and electronics (Hoopgas).

He is member of Cultural Lab FoAM (Bru), co-founder of r-Ohm artist collective and actively engaged in State of the Arts, open platform of artists, artist-run and self-organised initiatives.


Main website: www.bartaku.net  (2008 onwards)

Intuitive updates: bartaku.tumblr.com (since May 2016)

Photographic Documentation: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phoef

Compost: http://libarynth.org/luminous/phoef

For the period 2004-2007 see > http://recuerdas.blogspot.com/

For a more exhaustive selection of works, talks etc. see > http://libarynth.org/luminous/phoef#overview_bartaku_work_in_public 

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