Troping Turner: Aronia m. Babe Art Master Morphing

Aamorph is a transdisciplinary artistic research project that investigates how light connects a berryapple plant (Aronia) and its bacterial and fungal companions with a painting by the human art master JMW Turner.

Artist Bartaku and natural scientists are on a path towards a biosolar panel based on natural dyes, which mimics the Turner painting. The colorants absorb sunlight that is transformed into electrical energy, used to highlight the original painting in public. The biosolar painting is the point of departure for an experimental artscience process that generates various artistic, scientific and hybrid artscience works. These make tangible the societal and ethical implications of involving biological entities in art and technology. Also, relating other life forms with a human art master enables us to express the common vital basis we share in molecular, physical  and aesthetic energy.

Aamorph challenges borders between humanities (art) and science with a radical transdisciplinary interspecies approach. This process is crucial for provoking new views on the interacting web of life and revealing yet-to-emerge questions.

Since 2015 Aamorph has evolved at Aalto University from Aronia-Bartaku artistic research in entanglement with scientists (physicists, engineers, micro- and molecular biologists). For 2018 the group received an Aalto multidiciplinary platform seed funding and first activities have been enacted in Aronian fields, science labs and exhibitions.