Nube de Oro

“Nube de Oro”

‘Nube de Oro’, a Golden Cloud’ shines and rises with an Agave plant, honoring it’s conception of time and energy, assisting to express it. The work is based on artistic research on Agave / Maguey in collaboration with glass artist Christian Thornton and his art glass studio-colleagues. See also Experiments with glass for Maguey. 2011>2013

“Nube de Oro” is part of “Fiesta de Maguey”, ‘FoAM Brussels’ contribution to the “Euroaxacan Inititative of Transformative Cultures (EITC)



Kinetic leaf plotter


Custom hibiscus pigment-based solar cell, sensing light that is expressed by a hibiscus solar cell powered ´leaf writer´ (


Hibiscus pigment solar cell (top L; R) – @ FoAM studio Brussels Sept. 2013 and gold coated bottom part of solar cell – Xaquxe glass studio, Sept. 2012.
Agave inspired organic solar cells experiments by C. Thornton and Bartaku


Post-agave-collapse – Sept. 2013



Solar controlled CNC Agave leaf writing on Agave leaf – Etnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca, Sept. 2013

Making of glass piece based on one Agave plant  – C. Thornton at FoAM studio, Mar. 2012