Aroniathon: “The Grasses are Taking over” – Ossi Kakko
A fake marathon – Photo series
1HAMP, Aizpute, September 2010

September 2010. On the 1Ha Aronia Power Plantation just outside Aizpute town, Ossi Kakko’s observation, “the grasses are taking over” – noted during the Herbologies expedition, is gaining momentum.

It takes half a day to restore access to light for one of over a thousand of  aronia bushes using a pair of hair scissors.
At midnight, in a courageous juice factory in Kazdanga village, a man appears with fresh mushrooms.
Some days after, he is dressed up in a fake marathon outfit, faking to run a fake marathon. An act that is documented from the hip with a Smema Soviet camera from 1972 (the plastic body not fully sealed), and on a tripod with a Ricoh Gr3. Every two meters a new shirt number was given, a new position taken, two pictures taken, until “km 42”.
The Aroniathon is inspired by (the illusion of) a real marathon that would push the grasses down.With thanks to Dzucks (Model/fake runner) and Viezma, plantation owner, and Serde Arts Center

Aroniathon 2: Walk the Stick (and trick the tick)

Fake marathon – Photo series
1HAMP, Aizpute, September 2011

Photo series of fake marathon and workshop, making of walking sticks.
Based on the observation ‘The Wood is Taking Over’.
Workshop leader and model: Jānis Kreklis
1HAMP, Aizpute (Lat), September 2011
Part of 1HAMP, ongoing investigation at a former Aronia m. berry sofchoze just outside a Latvian town formerly known as Hasenpoth.