A selection of writings, chronologically ordered with links to the texts where possible.

“Paper” Aronia m.BaBe: Berry-artist(ic) Research. Presented at Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) / Festival de la Imagen. In Conference proceedings, p.772. Manizales (Col), June 12, 2017.

“Encounter with prof. Kalevi Kull (Tartu University, Estonia) on a Biosemiotics view on life, cognition, consciousness” Tartu University, Oct. 9, 2015 – Full text (pdf)

“Edmond A. A Displaced System for Alpha-Repair” and interview. In: Acoustic space #8. Energy. Peer-reviewed Journal for Transdisciplinary Research on Art, Science, Technology and Society Edited by Šmite, R., Medosch, A., Mey, K., Šmits, R. RIXC, MPLab, Riga, Liepaja [LAT], 2011

“Edmond A. A Displaced System for Alpha-Repair”. In: Wynants, M. (Ed.). 2010. We can change the weather. 100 cases of changeability. Brussels: Crosstalks, Brussels University (VUB). 225p. ISBN: 978 90 5487 692 2 Excerpt and order information

An essay-alike text written during the residency at Periferry in Guwahati Assam (India) appears as Case 33 in this book by VUB-Crosstalks (Brussels University) that is “comprised of one hundred tangible local initiatives from around the world, engaged in social and ecological change. Drawing from a pool of personally driven research and bottom-up projects by scientific researchers, architects, artists, political thinkers and entrepreneurs, the book singles out 100 cases in different, yet interrelated domains…”

See also Case 4: by FoAm member Angelo Vermeulen & Diego Maranan. “Biomodd as a Paradox” and Case 38: by FoAM & Partners. “Resilients”

“The Case of Edmond A. A Displaced System for Alpha Repair.” was also published in Assamese translation in the Assamese weekly: > Pratidin Sadin. February 12, 2010. p. 14. Assam, India.

* On Resilience: interview after FoAM Resilients Gathering (What does resilience mean for you – read here)

  • To feed the interdisciplinary debate during ‘Crosstalks – The Atomium Session’ on May 14th, 2009, the speakers were asked to reflect upon some quotes and questions. This is one of them:

[…] “In investigating the roots of our current environmental dilemma and its connections to science, technology and the economy, we must re-examine the formation of a world view and a science which, by reconceptualizing reality as a machine rather than a living organism, sanctioned the domination of both nature and women. The contribution of such founding ‘fathers’ of modern science as Francis Bacon, William Harvey, René Descartes, Thomas Hobbes and Isaac Newton must be reevaluated.” 
Carolyn Merchant in The Death of Nature, 1980 crosstalks_reflection_bartaku.pdf

  • Three Urban Energies divided by 10min” Text of ‘intervention’ by Bartaku at “Conversations 48 Degrees Celsius” → Session 1: City Space and the Everyday Intervention: The inter-connectedness of the built environment, social and environmental sustainability. June 13, The Park Hotel, Delhi. The ‘Conversations’ are part of 48°C Public.Art.Ecology Arts Festival, Delhi (India), Dec. 2009.