UPDATES November 2022 whilst reworking this website

most recent first Coming upExhibition & Masterclass at UPDATE Festival, MPLab, Liepaja University, 21-26 Nov. 2022Visual complements contribution to the forthcoming book: Chance Encounters: A Bioethics for a Damaged Planet by bioethics Prof. Kristien Hens. Release in Dec. 2022. RecentTalk: The Extinction of Respiratory Cooling Tower Bodies and their Microbial Ecosystems. At SPLINTERED REALITIES, the 5th RENEWABLE FUTURES […]

Leaky Light_3 – Solo Exhibition

Leaky Light solo exhibition by Bartaku at SOLU Space consists of three mixed-media installations featuring sound art, ceramics, symbiont bacteria, as well as video, photo and text documentations. The works on display shed light on Bartaku’s deepening entanglement with Baroa belaobara. The constellation is part of Bartaku’s ongoing artistic research on light, energy and bodies. […]

Article: Seed Scarification: Serious Taking

Johannes Birringer and Josephine Fenger asked participants of the Tanz Der Dinge Symposium and Exhibition to write an article for the 2019 Yearbook of the German Dance Association. Bartaku contributed with a text based upon his installation Seed Scarification: Serious Taking for the exhibition part of the Symposium. Bartaku. (2019). Seed Scarification: Serious Taking. In: Birringer, J., […]

Letter to the Crocodilian Wheat Grain.

An Invited Gift Contribution  Platåberget, Spitsbergen (Nor).June 10, 2019The gift is a letter from Bartaku_Baroa b. to the wheat grain found in a salt water crocodile. The words are transferred onto a Bone China Porcelain Disk, a left-over from the Leaky Light work in Kaunas (Lit). The disk is part of a collection of letters […]

Gift to the Belgian Prime Minister

Gift InterventionDesign Factory, Otaniemi, Espoo Feb. 24 –2019 During a gathering of Prime ministers from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe on preventing climate change. The interventionist gift consisted of an inefficient solar cell in two of the three colors of the Belgian flag (photo bottom left), and a sketch of the Belgian […]


A selection of writings, chronologically ordered with links to the texts where possible. Monograph: Baroa belaobara: berryapple released in summer 2021.  Online free PDF at the bottom of this page. The Printed version (limited version) on sale via Aalto bookshop. Videodocumentary: Blck Vlvt by Nina Pulkkis (2019, Fotoni films) on the making of the Blck […]

Aroniathon I at Objekti 4

Aroniathon I photo series intervention as part of Group Exhibition OBJEKTI 4. Espoonportti, Espoo – June 14 – Sept. 2, 2018 For the first time the Aroniathon I series is shown in its entirety at the fourth edition of OBJEKTI. An outdoor exhibition of contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art in and around the center of […]

Leaky Light…

… Paper Protocol, Rhytm Protocol (4×3)+(1×4), Baroa belaobara from Aizpute Bacterial Root Symbionts protocol (accidental documentation) – A Mixed Media Installation Part of group exhibition: Kaunas Bone China Symposium ’18 Exhibition “Porcelain Identity” – Till 30th August, 2018. Mykolas Žilinskas Art gallery. Kaunas (Lit) “Leaky Light…” is an installation that consists of three different parts, […]

Sandy Tower, Leaky Method

A Happening at a Viennese Watertower Part of the exhibition ”Rising Up Floating Down” / Was aufsteigt und niederfließt . Wasserturm Favoriten. Windtenstraße 3, Vienna (Aus) – May 24, 25, 2018 Strong word winds in academic fields blow “method” and “protocol” fiercely into beings. Then, the emergence of 3 days of “artist access” to a monumentally secured Viennese […]

Troping Turner

Troping Turner. Towards Prpl. Vlvt. Installation, mixed media Part of group Exhibition: “Sustainability Revolutions”. Dipoli, Aalto University, Otaniemi Campus, Espoo – May 18 – June 8, 2018 Troping Turner. Towards Prpl. Vlvt. is an installation that consists of a glass display cabinet, filled with local soil and a monitor in a dark rectangular space. The cabinet […]

zNap – A Nap Happening

zNap – A Nap Happening April 25-27, 2018 – Aalto University, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland In zNap happening people on Conference of Radical Relevances were invited for a nap between  noon and 4pm.  A nap scenery including a zNap protocol : nano-, micro-, mini-, caffeïne-, Dali (tea spoon)-, extended-, lucid dream-, pata-… Nap was installed in Betaspace. A nap is form of polyphasic sleep: during […]